Uganda’s Bobi Wine arrested at the airport, stopped from seeking treatment abroad

Ugandan police arrested two MPs, one of whom is Bobi Wine, at Entebbe International Airport, as they were trying to leave the country for treatment abroad.

According to his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi, police manhandled him as he cried out her name in pain.

“Security forces just manhandled my husband… He groaned in pain as he called my name to save him from being taken by his torturers again. They forced him into an ambulance and drove out,” she said.

He was forcefully taken to Mulago Hospital as police indicate that they are waiting for orders from the “relevant department” on the way forward.

His lawyer Robert Amsterdam has since condemned the move saying Bobi Wine was within his rights to seek treatment abroad.

“It is essential to emphasize that Bobi Wine was fully within his rights to travel for medical treatment. Again, he has done nothing wrong. Again, he has broken no law. And again, the police beat him and detained him and will later make up some sort of false excuse,” Amsterdam said in a tweet.

“Given the fact that he is on bail, the Police is concerned and await for guidance from the relevant government department,” Ugandan Police added.

The detention and alleged torture of Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake triggered widespread protests in Kampala and neighbouring Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Some of the military officers accused of being behind the incident would later be arrested under unclear circumstances.

Bobi Wine was freed from military jail and charges of illegal possession of firearm dropped but he would later be arrested again on the steps of the court martial.

He was taken to a civil court where he was charged with treason and released on bail to allow him to seek treatment at a hospital of his choice

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