Kenyan Rapper King Kaka snags new endorsement deal

Musician, Poet and Humanitarian, King Kaka has been announced as the Remy Martin Brand Ambassador under the One Life Live Them Campaign. The premium cognac brand, Rémy Martin, is featuring the inspiring artist King Kaka in their latest campaign, which launches this week. The global campaign, entitled “One Life. Live Them.” is a first for the region and calls for individuals to explore a life that is rich with experience.

The call “One Life. Live Them.” encourages people to live their lives to the fullest,” explains Alvin Saal, Rémy Martin Marketing Manager, and Africa. “We want to inspire people to explore their many talents and diverse interests, instead of simply being defined by a single path. In partnering with King Kaka we could not have found a more inspiring gentleman. He is someone who truly embodies the concept of being defined not just by one thing, but by many”.

The global campaign is being unveiled for the first time in Kenya with King Kaka as the face. Rémy Martin selected him because of the range of experiences he has, and the exceptional accomplishments that he has achieved. The campaign comes alive through print and video in which King Kaka describes his “slashes” – the passions that drive him and which make him unique.

King Kaka had this to say about joining Remy Martin, “We are here to build, don’t hold back and don’t wait for success to come to you. We must dream big together and give back to the community that brings us up. Together we can go far. So do big things and go for it. Don’t be afraid to fail, because only by learning these lessons can we succeed.”

Dennis Njenga, Kaka Empire Managing Partner had this to say about the announcement,
“ We are happy that an international brand like Remy Martin has identified a Kenyan artiste to work with. I am happy that the hard work that the team puts in to King Kaka’s brand is catapulting him to great heights. It is a good step for King Kaka from working with local brands to now joining the league of international brands. We proud of you.”

King Kaka joins a host of notable personalities that have previously graced the “One Life. Live Them.” campaign including: Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner, Nigerian DJ Jimmy Jatt and South African technology entrepreneur Madoda Khuzwayo.

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