Simi’s ‘Duduke’ reigns, ‘Something Different’ follows on the Top 20 Nigeria Radio chart show – Listen to the Show here

Combine Nigeria’s finest host with the nation’s number one radio dial and country’s most consistent weekend countdown and you’ve got the most syndicated Nigeria music chart show, the Top 20 Nigeria radio chart show.

Every week, from the heart of the music industry in Africa, EDK counts down from Number 20 to the hottest hit song in Nigeria. Between the music, listeners take advantage of the host and radio’s insider access to the superstars of music and entertainment, with news and gossip you’ll hear nowhere else.

More than just the hits, only Top 20 Nigeria brings you the features you want to hear across the country, like: Hits on the Verge, Top 20 Retro, Top 20 Reload, and the ever popular Last Week’s in the Top 5!

Stream the episode of the show that aired last weekend below:

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