Rapper Mattan Writes Letter To Unborn Child in “Forever”

German rap artist Mattan teamed up with Ghanaian singer AJ Musique to write a letter to his unborn child – in the form of the song “Forever” (Grund genug).

The song is full of valuable advice, wishes and promises for the child’s future. Every verse speaks of the great expectations and love for the child and her mum.

Mattan, who has gained fame and name as an artist and executive producer through numerous collaborations with artists from Africa, was joyfully anticipated by his parents. That’s why they chose a name from the Bible – “Mattan”, which means “God’s gift”.

When you listen to “Forever” (Grund genug) you can feel how much Mattan is looking forward to meeting his firstborn child.

One could go so far as to say that this is the most beautiful letter and token of love ever written.The grooving Afro Beat by MaxBeat proves to be a real earworm with the chorus performed by AJ Musique.

The beautiful music video by Yukon Kabir completes the picture and creates a feast for eyes and soul. Song and video will leave no heart untouched.

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