Melanin Poppin’ with Awazi #1 | Saltwater Remedy


Melanin poppin: It’s Awazi here and I just want to know so who do I have to kill to get my skin to become clear as day? Dear God, what did I do to deserve a skin that’s not super clear and baby bottom soft?! I mean I’ve been a good girl, I pray, I eat clean on more days than I eat bad food, I exercise, I’m neat, my skin care routine is phenomenal yet my skin wouldn’t just magically clear up! The struggle is real though! If you’re like me and your skin just keeps giving you issues, I just found this out and maybe it can help us. I found out that you can use salt water to help your acne. Basically what that does is that it helps tighten your pores, clean out excess oils on your face, and reduces bacteria that causes acne on your face so what you want to do is mix a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use cotton wool to apply it on your face like some kind of cleanser. You need to be careful not to do this too often though ’cause it might dry out your face too much, take away good bacteria and a layer of salt might form on your skin and your face will feel really weird.

I recommend you do this just twice a week and let’s hope for the best results to come through!

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