Wale addresses Shine’s poor sales number

Wale clears the air about his feud with J. Cole and “Shine” sales numbers.

Not known for shying away from speaking his mind on social media, Wale made an appearance on Everyday Struggle with his trademark energy and candidness. When asked what he thought the public perception of himself was, the veteran rapper responded by saying “I’m unpredictable – they don’t know what I’m gonna do, and I’m fine with that.” Host DJ Akademiks also asked him about the supposed stance from fans that he’s corny, but Wale quickly dismissed that line of questioning.

Wale also quashed any rumors of a lasting beef with good friend J. Cole, saying that the media is, at times, only after the “angry Wale.” The beef refers to the back-and-forth J. Cole and Wale had with song verses, beginning last December with the former’s “False Prophets,” and responded with the latter’s song, “Groundhog Day.” Finally, he addressed the negative reaction to Shine’s poor sales numbers, retorting “My Atlanta show was sold out […] Future and Migos had a show down the street […] Wale did a show with his go-go band and his flop album, performing all this s*** and they singin’ verbatim.”

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