Video Review: Darey Art Alade’s “Pray For Me” Will Move You To Tears

Darey Art Alade releases the visuals to his song Pray For Me and like everything he does, it’s so compelling, it will move you to tears.

The plot tells of the story of a young man who decides to leave the village for the uncertainties of the city despite his father objecting to his decision.

Played by Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva as his parents, Darey is torn between the love for his parents and his quest to make life better for them.

As with every uncharted course of life, he finds himself stranded along his journey after his ride to the city suddenly stops, forcing him to hitch a ride with strangers.

Darey didn’t quit, with melodious tunes from the Soweto Choir, he brings this video home with visuals, lyrics and instruments that will move to tears every true hardworking heart hoping to succeed in order to give their parents a better life.

Simply beautiful.

If you haven’t seen the video, watch Darey’s Pray for me below

Judging by comments for the video it’s perfectly okay to cry while watching it.

12345tluv – Already started crying even before the song started. The song is just so powerful and i’ve been patiently waiting for the video and i was not at all disappointed. AMAZING! simply amazing!

Olumide – My God !!!! What a video. This is amazingly spectacular. Gave me goosebumps, the hair at the back of ma neck stood the whole time, and i shed a tear! So touching. Bless darey, bless soweto choir and bless the director… Pure class!

Ajikobi Kehinde Abdulkabir1 – I always act like I do not care but watching this video brought out tears in my eyes. thumb up Darey!

Toby Bankole – Damn ninjas cutting onions in the room i’m in. had to punch 15 walls to get my manliness back. darey Y U do dis?

Onyinye IJ – Amazing!! Excellent!! Exceptional!! I don’t know if there are any better words to describe it.

Ekenya Lilian – Been listening to this song for months now but just watched this video n cried. Amazing and very emotional.

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