Stream D-Truce’s ‘2 Birds, 1 Stone’ debut album

D-Truce announces the release of his debut album “2 Birds, 1 Stone”. The rapper/songwriter’s debut is the product of two years of work, on either side of his departure from the X3M label.

After cutting his teeth across two solo projects, a joint EP and one playlist, D-Truce’s debut captures his journey and the multifaceted nature of his pursuits in music and career.

Let the man himself describe what he set out to achieve with this album;

” When you listen to this album, I’d like you to do so with an open mind and allow the beauty of the sounds to pull you in.
I made this album to help people like me understand that it’s okay to be multi dynamic at whatever you do, because humans aren’t built to be one sided.

It’s why there are different layers to everyone, based on what our ultimate purpose is.
I’ve discovered that my purpose is to create, this is why my music is an extension of me, a mirror of my different moods, emotions and stories from encounters I’ve lived through.

Ultimately, the goal is to project all sides of me in the best way I can, with hopes that you find a thing or two you can relate with, or a message you can hold on to.

Hopefully this project inspires you to be the best possible version of all sides of yourself, telling your stories in the most sincere way possible, without forgetting who you truly are, killing 2 Birds with 1 stone.”

Stream album below:

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