Mozambique’s Hip-Hop Street King, Hermínio Chissano Has Embraced The Global Afrobeats Music Genre On  His New Project.

Duas Caras' moniker has a mythical appeal today in Mozambique. Starting in Maputo's underground rap culture

Duas Caras’ moniker has a mythical appeal today in Mozambique. Starting in Maputo’s underground rap culture, he progressed from freestyles on national radio to being a key member of GPRO, the city’s most influential rap group. Duas Caras rose to prominence after releasing four studio albums. Tracks such as “Karaboss” and “Punchline” gained him “Best Rap Song of the Year” accolades, demonstrating his lyrical skill.

The musician who has worked with some of the top rappers in Portugal and Angola, including Sam The Kid, Valete, and Kalibrados, has joined forces with the Geobek Standard powered by George Beke who has worked with international Afrobeats artists like Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi etc in his quest to strategically project his music and his brand into the global and well-appreciated Afrobeats music genre. On an interview with Duas Caras, he said that he has spent most of his time in the studio, performing live as usual, and working with other Afrobeats artistes worldwide to solidify his understanding of the music form.

The New Era

The musician who is entering a new phase of his career said he’s ready to embrace something fresh after earning respect in the rap scene also shared his thoughts on what needs to be done to push Mozambican music to the spotlight.

He said: “After years of rapping and being consistently considered the best rapper by the masses I concluded that I have nothing more to offer in the rap game besides supporting other artistes coming up, it’s the right thing to do.

“Regarding my career, I’m in a new place now. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and most importantly I’m very Honest with myself and I have no illusions. I believe in the power of good art supported by organization and team effort.

“I choose a new and pleasant way of expressing myself through music which demands much more from me and it’s unpredictable but fun enough for me to enjoy it.” Caras said.

“I can tell for sure that Mozambique has great artistes but the lack of proper structure and means to showcase internationally hinders the growth of the industry.” He said.

New Release – “Fala Como Homem” (19 July)

This summer-ready anthem promises to captivate! “Fala Como Homem’ is the first of the crazy Afrobeats tracks I have coming out on the 19th of July. It’s a new journey, and i’m very excited to see how people will react to the experience. Hopefully, they love it as much as I do”. I believe in the saying: the real joy is in the journey, not the destination.” The musician noted.

he says. The new single “Fala Como Homem” tells the story of a classy beautiful and  romantic lady who realizes there’s no knight in shiny armor to save her. Her only way out is to fala como homem—speak like a man, or appropriately put, boss up!

Spread the Legend

As Duas Caras embraces this new approach to music, he plans to share multiple tracks, each promising to be bigger and more engaging than the last. Stay updated on his every move by following him on social media. Be part of this ever-changing story. In the meantime, you can listen to his latest song here:

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