Sound Sultan on ‘What’s Up Podcast’

Sound Sultan on ‘What’s Up Podcast’ | ‘Orobo Isn’t My Biggest Hit’ + Talks Naija Ninja New Signee, Kuku No Worry .


  1. Jimmy J - Boju-Boju (now on YouTube) Reply

    This is Jimmy J the Boju-Boju Dance Master. I just released my music video Jimmy J – boju boju (on YouTube) and I will like to promote it on Soundcity TV. How do I go about uploading it on Soundcity TV.

    Also, this the link,

  2. Olawale Reply

    15 Albums to his credit
    E’ Pluribus Unum “One Amongst Many”
    The Paradigm Shift
    Da Vinci Mode
    Above Ground Level
    Malcom IX (the lost session)
    Pentium IX The Mixtape
    Pay At-10-Shun
    Alphabetical Order
    Nigel Benn’s Kraftwork: The Soul Edition
    Above Ground Level, Vol. 1
    51Lex Presents No Competition
    Look What I Found
    Above Ground Level, Vol. 2

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