Reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and Lauryn Hill, Gigi Atlantis is Unapologetic in new ‘Wahala on the Rocks’ track

Nigerian singer-songwriter Gigi Atlantis exudes confidence, feminine innocence, and sass on her new song ‘Wahala On The Rocks’. The multi-talented artist, showcases her soothing and melodic voice as she urges women to embrace who they truly are.

The singer first gained prominence in 2018 with the release of her first track ‘Grown’. Since then, the singer has amassed over 362,000 streams on Soundcloud with her follow up tracks ‘No Silver Line’, ‘Trust’, ‘Tequila Crush’ and most recently, fan-favorite – ‘2020’.

The new single produced by IKON and co-produced by the singer herself, is inspired by the Lagos party scene. Gigi champions a carefree lifestyle where everyone can be unapologetically themselves. The lyrics serve as a call to action for women to dress for themselves, and be themselves without the fear of opinions and unwanted attention. By the end of the track, the singer makes it clear that women can and should go out, and have fun without being disturbed, embodying the artist’s free spirit.

Listen below:

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