Princess Shyngle new promo photos will make your weekend

Ghanaian-based Gambia actress, Princess Shyngle used to look like this before her sudden curvy hourglass body, some industry sources alleged.
In September 2015, the young actress attributed her figure to rigorous exercising and healthy dieting.

“My figure is real; it is not fake, no surgery, nothing. I gym a lot and I use waist trainers or I practice waist training as well,” she reportedly told KOD in an interview on Live 91.9 FM’s 360Live.

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist-cinching corset.

24 years old Princess Shyngle was born in Gambia.

Princess Shyngle, who is also a writer and producer, posted few promo images on Instagram recently, check them out.

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