Otile Brown Wowed By SA’s Music Industry: ‘They Love Their Own’

Singer Otile Brown was recently in South Africa for a short business trip that saw him visit several towns.

Otile Brown in South Africa

In his visit, Brown was surprised how South Africans love their native content and rarely play music from other countries unlike what is normally seen in Kenyan clubs and radio stations.

The South African music industry is one of the biggest in Africa

He also realized why South Africans rarely know much about other artists in the content saying it’s because foreign content gets very little play in the country.

“The South African music industry is not loud but is rich AF,” said Otile on social media.

Otile Brown

“The government has invested in the industry and the artists also love each other. You can be a very big artist in Africa but South Africans don’t know you because they listen to their content only. Everywhere you go, clubs, matatus or restaurants it’s their music.”

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Brown believes this is the direction the Kenyan music industry should be taking in order to grow.

The singer’s post also comes at a time when Kenyans are trying to revamp their entertainment industry and artists are demanding an increase in airplay on local media to 70%.

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