Kenya’s Biggest Beer Celebration Oktobafest Is Launched, Goes Regional  

The much-anticipated Tusker OktobaFest is back, and this time it is bigger, spanning across the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. In keeping with its tradition, OktobaFest promises an unforgettable celebration of the region’s rich cultural tapestry.  
In what has been touted as East Africa’s biggest beer festival, the 2023 edition has committed to authentically celebrate the region’s unique cultural identity through showcasing its food, music, fashion, art and gaming, with beer as the uniting factor.  
The first of its kind in East Africa, Oktobafest will commence in Juba, South Sudan on 14th October, and transverse the region throughout the month. The festival will feature hundreds of acts from across East Africa including Ndovu Kuu, Wakadinali, Wangeci, Mutoriah, and a host of top acts from Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.  

Besides the celebrations, this year’s festival aims to leave a positive impact across the region through offering an opportunity to over 500 vendors, artists, and event partners to showcase their products and services.  
Speaking during the official launch of the festival, East African Breweries Limited’s Director of Marketing and Innovation, Ann-Joy Michira, said: “A we celebrate this year’s Oktobafest, we remain deeply committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. This year, through this festival, we will seek to support young vendors, entrepreneurs, and artists, helping them gain profit and exposure and a springboard to thrive in their respective fields. By giving these talented individuals a platform to shine, we are not only nurturing creativity but also fostering economic growth, which is a key component of our sustainability strategy, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress.”
Additionally, this year’s edition has committed to promoting environmental sustainability with a reduced carbon footprint, ensuring a top-tier, eco-friendly experience for revealers. This is as it seeks to become the region’s first sustainable festival. “OktobaFest is taking significant steps to reduce its environmental impact. We shall undertake initiatives including waste management, recycling, and sustainable practices which will ensure a greener and more responsible festival experience,” added Michira.
Among those expected to reap big from the festival will be small-scale vendors who are expected to enjoy a windfall. Speaking at the event, Brian Kiriba, owner of Handas Juice, a jaba juice start-up, expressed his excitement for the 2023 festival noting it will have a positive impact on his business.
“We are ecstatic about being part of the 2023 festival, for our business the opportunity to showcase our Jaba Juice did wonders for advertising our small business, since then we’ve seen considerable growth of business. We are hopeful the East African aspect will provide even more visibility and growth this time around.”
The festival is part of EABL’s continued efforts to connect with its consumers through shared passion points reinforcing its commitment to creating value across all its propositions for sustained growth within the industry.
Join the Celebration
Oktobafest 2023 is set to be a monumental celebration of East African culture, bringing people together to savour the region’s unique flavour, sounds, and traditions. As we span across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the beauty of our shared heritage.
Do not miss this incredible journey through the heart of East Africa at the OktobaFest 2023. More details and updates on the festival will be available on Tusker. Beer and social media channels.

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