New Music: With ‘Nwunyem’, Zoro Continues the Love Story in Iheanacho

Zoro is positioning himself as an artist who truly appreciates the beauty and the connections we share with people. His new single “Nwunyem” is a love declaration to his significant other and, by extension, wives everywhere.

While in his previous single, “Iheanacho,” Zoro croons about searching for his perfect love, in “Nwunyem”, Zoro has found her and he professes all the ways in which God has blessed him with this woman of his dreams. Many have said love songs are sweetest in Igbo and, listening to Zoro sing and rap his heart out, we can see why.

The video takes us deeper into the love story, as we watch Zoro and his love interest frolic happily in bed and in a garden. Directed by Sam Kirk, the “Nwunyem” video uses elements of simplicity to tell the story of a better life people who are truly in love enjoy.

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