New Music: MusikMaestro – “Supreme Gyal”

“We are bringing a whole new vibe to the East African scene with great enthusiastic performances once we set of for tour next year. Most of all we just want to mingle with our supporters so we will be doing few hangout…” – MusikMaestro

East Africa’s top emerging dancehall and reggae duo MusikMaestro have made a special music offering to their Kenyan fans this festive season by releasing their hit single SUPREME GYAL.

The guaranteed club banger and DJs/fan favourite is dedicated to all the girls from all over the world.

The duo from Kenya and Uganda has released the single at a time when they are re-introducing themselves to their fans after their stay in the UK where they were studying and making big strides in the music scene there.

SUPREME GYAL is the first single off their newly released debut EP NUGENATION (Kings Among Men). MusikMaestro’s 4-track EP is a culmination of an experiment with dancehall, reggae and electronic music. I is available on digital download (iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay).

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