Nengi emerges as The First Head of House Challenge

The biggest thing in pop culture and Nigerian TV has returned for a few weeks, Big Brother Naija.

Nengi has emerged the winner of the first-ever Head of House challenge in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition!

Today’s Head of House challenge was different from what you would usually expect. Biggie brought out a game that was like a BBNaija twist to the popular Snakes and Ladders game. The housemates were given the rules and told to take turns to play across a mat with numbered squares until they reached the end of the game or to score as high as they could under one minute.  

Sounds like a piece of cake? The game is not as easy as it sounds though. The housemates could only start the game by throwing a die that landed on a six, and even then, their progress could be hampered or encouraged by the instructions found on the square they landed upon. Some squares would ask the housemates to start afresh (talk about starting from square one!), some others would ask the housemates to hastily drink water or hurriedly peel and eat an egg. 

Although none of the housemates initially got to the end of the game, Nengi and Neo both scored 18. In a bid to break the tie, Big Brother asked them to roll the die again. Amazingly, Nengi and Neo tied with the same score two more times! 

At this point, we feel like Big Brother may have become exasperated with the frequent ties, so he asked them to both throw the die and the first person to score a two would win the game. It was purely a game of chance, but obviously, Lady Luck was on Nengi’s side because she emerged as the first-ever Head of House in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition!

For the next one week, Nengi will enjoy all of the privileges of the Head of House and will also enjoy the HOH lounge, which includes a bedroom, sitting area, and a private bathroom. She will also get to sit on the special Head of House chair.

In an interesting turn of events, Nengi selected Wathoni as her deputy Head of House. As deputy, Wathoni will also get to live in the plush HOH lounge with Nengi.

As part of the ground rules, Big Brother mentioned that the housemates would play this same game every Monday as they vie for the title of Head of House. He also hinted that there would be a quiz on Thursday to test how much the housemates had discovered about each other.

The Head of House challenge was super exciting and we look forward to seeing Nengi rock her new status as head of house. Talk about girl power!

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