“(My Husband) doesn’t mess with the snitch culture…” – Nicki Minaj on working with 6ix9ine on ‘Trollz’

Nicki eventually joined the 6ix9ine livestream just before the release of the ‘Trollz’ music video and addressed the snitching topic. “I feel street n***as have every right to feel how they want to feel about snitching because they live that life,” she said. “I feel rappers need to play it easy because everybody mingles and integrates with everybody, and if a top executive rat calls one of y’all unsigned rappers right now, y’all signing.”

She continued, “I’m not on the block with 6ix9ine. Me and 6ix9ine is not on the block. We in the music business. You rappers is in rooms all the time with people with sketchy pasts and I’m not judging anybody ’cause I’m not doing that. I have nothing but respect for so many of these people and I would never fix my face to talk crazy about them.”

However, she admitted that her husband, Kenneth Petty, “doesn’t fuck with the snitch culture.” “And I respect him because he’s lived a different life,” she added.

Watch ‘Trollz’ video by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj:

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