Must-Have Apps To Make Your Life More Efficient

There’s an app for everything now, and while there are some that are only important for some, there are others that everybody needs. Check these ones out:

Office Mobile

Microsoft Suite has become so important that it’s hard to go without it, even for a few hours, and now you don’t have to. With Office Mobile, you can create and access Word documents, edit, save, share and quickly access them at all times from your phone.


Notes can be lifesavers, and oftentimes, the only thing that keeps us from making one is the absence of pen and paper. Now that everything is done on our phones, all we need is a handy app to create notes, and OneNote gives you just that. You have three options when it comes to creating notes with this app. You can type it in, write it with your finger or stylus or record a voice note. You can also set an alarm to remind you about your note whenever you like. Technology truly is wonderful.


Travelling is something many of us do a few times a week. We have to coordinate rental transportation, flights, hotels, fares, reservations and tickets. TripIt has everything you need in one place, so no matter what state you’re in, you can take care of all of the above with this one single app.

Have you ever just really needed some housework done and you were willing to pay whatever it cost? Well, with the app, you can have someone at your door ready to make all those dirty dishes go away and have your floors and glass sparkling for an affordable price. Whether you need something assembled, installed or cleaned in your home or apartment, you can schedule someone to do it who is friendly, screened, back-ground checked and insured.

Ice Unlock Fingerprint Secure

The fact that there is a password app to remember all of your passwords confirms that there is a lot to remember. Don’t add to your stress or your busy schedule worrying about whether someone saw your password or swipe pattern to unlock your phone as you were typing it in. Apple’s solution? Touch ID Fingerprint Reader, and Android hopped on the bandwagon and created Ice Unlock Fingerprint Secure. Once you save your fingerprint on your phone, all you need to do is press it to your phone to unlock it.

Ozmo Smart Cup

So many illnesses begin in part due to dehydration, and we can improve our overall health immensely by drinking an adequate amount of water each day. Staying hydrated, helps control your appetite, helps you lose weight, gives you energy and keeps you focused. The Ozmo Smart Cup, which is connected via Bluetooth to the app on your phone, keeps a record of the amount of fluids you drink with the cup each day and if necessary reminds you to drink more.

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