Morell on ‘Musa Jikan Musa’ is the bonafide break out star of 2017 that missed it

It is necessary to applaud the work on the album cover for Morell’s latest project ‘Musa Jikan Musa,’ no project in recent time has adequately, beautifully stayed on theme.

Morell has been paying his dues and far from a newbie with ‘Musa Jikan Musa’ project sounds like the well-earned victory lap he deserved as probably the first ‘bonafide’ break out star this year but he has refused to take the bull by the horn. Sad but with his talent and nearly pioneering a sub-genre, there are definitely more of the chances to come.

Morell, this ‘hiphop version of Ahmedu Bello’ has already worn many hats – at least with this project #MusaJikanMusa: rhyme-spitter with groove-centric tendencies, pretty good singer, the occasionally highly conscious MC, all for love and as well as his ear for distinctive, full production. Now, his recent full-length project is building on that and might be letting you know who he really is.

On most of ‘Musa Jikan Musa’, the rapper assumes the stance of a self-assured star concerned for his ‘hood, Borno.

It is an eclectic album, built on Hiphop’s sub-genre. Mostly, Morell assumes the stance of a self-assured, concerned star w/ ties to Borno!

In the plainspoken, autobiographical style of songs, Morell lays out his life (“Borno”), to the struggling adult (“Rolling Like Stoner”) and struggle with his relationships with women (‘By Your Side’ ft. Di’Ja, his mother who reportedly passed on in 2016 on “Safay”, ‘Aure’).

Producer Brace constructs lean instrumentals that are airy – a perfect pairing for Morell’s snapping verses and catchy, half-sung hooks.

The gems on the album are ‘Interlude’, ‘Amala’, ‘Borno’ and radio ready ‘Mango’ – Writer’s Favourite tracks!

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