Lynxxx Gives PEP Talk On Marriage To His Fans!

Lynxxx Gives Marital Advice To Women – Rapper Lynxxx has advised his female fans to not let themselves be pressured into marriage.

The Fine Lady rapper, who has now gone spiritual, gave ladies pointers they can use to identify the right man, and told them to prepare themselves for him.

He wrote on his Instagram: “Being a Wife is not determined by age or by how long you have dated but by how ready your soul is to stay true to a covenant before God and Man through thick and thin.

“Dont let society, age, peer pressure, parental pressure or the need to “Fit in” drive u into a wrong decision. Choosing the right life partner is one of the most important decisions you will EVER make and if you try to do it ON YOUR OWN… Well… Regarding the results…. U may end up on your own!

“Bring God into it, Pray… Be still & Listen and let him lead ur spirit. Patience is key and a lot of people have asked me, when would i know its time or hes the right one…. 2 simple indicators…. •is HE leading you to GOD or AWAY from God? / is he Encouraging your personal growth or stunting it?… Let me add one more, is he your friend?

“A lot of people use financials as an indicator for marriage…. Well yes financial stability is a good thing but is NEVER the main thing! Any body can have money but how many have God?

“Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the LORD.”

“Ladies it says he who finds, therefore while he is LOOKING for you, be so busy letting God mold you into your true self and destiny that HE is sold once he gets to the destination… Which is YOU!”

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