Kenyan Rapper Bamboo Accuses Chameleone Of Initiating His Fiancée Into ILLUMINATI

Kenyan rapper Bamboo is moving heads after posting a rather compelling post on his Facebook page in which he cites ‘Chameleone of Uganda’ as a person who helped his fiancée, Erika, now a born again, into joining illuminati.

In his post, Bamboo narrates that “Chameleone of Uganda initiated her [Erika] and took her to the source of the Nile by force. He got into a boat with her and his assistant who was steering the boat.” The rapper furthermore narrates that “Chameleone then dropped two eggs into the water, recited an incantation and a whirlwind came with a fish big enough to fit 30 or so people came and opened its mouth (such creatures exist, study the book of Jonah)“.

“Chameleone jumped in with Erika completely terrified at what was happening to her, the huge fish swallowed them up and took them down to the entrance of satan’s kingdom. When Erika entered the fish, she was so afraid that she fainted. When she came too, she found herself on a red carpet, before the throne of lucifer himself. She describes lucifer’s kingdom as a blistering hot place,” Bamboo writes.

Bamboo is among the respected Kenyan rappers and his narration leaves him on the edge of criticism.

Dr Jose Chameleone hasn’t released any statement regarding this allegation.

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  1. oye pope black Uganda Reply

    A smoke will only be where there is fire,so I believe he did so,naye it was a bad Idea to force her,thanks God she is however saved now

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