Jonathan James Lyamgohn on the Soundcity Radio Mission as it launches in Abuja!

Jonathan James Lyamgohn is an experienced and broadcasting genius that heads the Alphavision Multimedia Radio Network which consist of Soundcity Radio, Urban96 Radio and Correct FM network. He speaks on the vision behind the Soundcity Radio brand as the Radio Network began test transmission in Abuja on February 14th, 2018 (It has been broadcasting in Lagos for over a year on the 98.5 dial).

Read excerpts of the interview below:

Why do you think the Abuja landscape needs another radio dial or even the Soundcity Radio?

We don’t see ourselves as another radio station let alone just a dial. We are a value adding service provider in the social and entertainment space. We have seen a void to fill in the nation’s capital and are thankful that we now have the opportunity to do so. The city needs and deserves a truly and really great radio. That’s what we are happy to come with.

What has driven the success of the Soundcity Radio brand in Lagos? How did Soundcity, particularly the radio position itself to be the must listened-to radio in Lagos?

Our listening audience is certainly top on the list of the various factors I must say. They have tuned in relentlessly and have made our broadcast content their content of choice. This keeps us going.

Second to that is the benefit of brand consistency and delivering on the promised proposition at all times. Through the years, Soundcity has always kept its promise to remain the nation’s most prestigious broadcast entertainment brand and this is our daily goal each day we set foot into our offices or roles anywhere else.

How would you asses the typical Nigerian radio scene?

I will say it is not most inspiring given how long it has been around for. We have not recorded an impressive growth in the number of top notch professionals driving the industry when you compare it to some other sectors in the nation. I do believe we should have done better than we have in the time we have been around as an industry or a sector of the economy. There is great room for improvement.

So, What’s to be expected from Soundcity Radio in Abuja?

Tune-in for the best curated contemporary Afro-pop music on radio, laced with the most amazing imaging that fully speaks to the nations capital city and environs. We have always had great love for Abuja, it’s now our time to make it our home and to show it.

Give us a clearer vision of the Soundcity radio brand, what’s the big picture?

We have our station set on the trajectory that seeks the heart of the nations youthful demographics by presenting them a platform which helps them to self actualise, allows them to dream dreams and equally become the medium through which the best body of works of our most creative performers are exposed. We will work and walk the path to become the most reliable home for the best music and entertainment in the FCT.

What is next for the Soundcity Radio brand after this launch?

We do have a few other projects of radio stations we will be deploying across various cities of the nation. We won’t stop until every Nigerian has the ultimate experience in quality radio broadcasting within their reach.

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