Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Agree they Need to Fight

Tyson Fury was formerly the IBF and WBA Super Heavyweight Champion, but the titles now belong to Anthony Joshua who fought and won to get them because Fury was stripped of the IBF belt and had to vacate the latter for medical reasons.

Tyson Fury who remains unbeaten and refers to himself as the “lineal Champion” has responded to Anthony Joshua’s call out about his (Joshua) willingness to fight him.

Tyson Fury posted a video on his Instagram page saying AJ is not a contender.

“Addressing the AJ call out, U need to fight me cuz ATM I’m still lineal champ! Been out of boxing nearly 2 years so that should make it fair on the others. I really don’t believe that AJ can lace my boots up, I want to come back & see how good I am even with the time out. Me vs AJ is the biggest fight in boxing without a doubt! If this fight isn’t made it will be like Lennox Lewis & riduc bowe. Now there is new challenges I can motivate my self again. Wilder & Aj & Parker even povetkin theses are the fights I want. Let’s make this happen. Let’s make boxing great again,” he wrote.

Anthony Joshua has also replied Fury in an interview with Sky Sports, saying that he is ready to fight when Fury is fit to enter the ring.

I don’t think Tyson can lace his own boots at the minute! When Tyson is fit, when he’s ready, we’ll be ready. We’re patient. I wish him a speedy recovery with all the stuff that he’s got going on outside the ring. It’s a fight that people want to see. He’s one of my boxing rivals and I need this competition throughout my career. I can’t wait for him to get back. We’ll see if I can lace his boots when we come to blows.

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