Introducing our new feature the #WritersReview: where we talk Albums / EPs / Mixtapes


Album/EP/Mixtape Reviews

We understand that you are busy people and might not have gotten around to listening to most of the music that’s out right now, so we listened on your behalf. These are our takes on the (albums, EP’s, mixtapes, playlists) out within the last months/weeks.
(Opinions expressed here are those of the writer only and doesn’t in anyway reflect the opinion of SOUNDCITY or her parent company.)
We research the artistes, listen to the album released multiple times and try to be polite while we back up our opinions with facts, Here is an honest and valuable review. The #WritersReview.

We understand, an album takes a lot longer to make than it will take to listen to it, so we try and respect the effort of the artiste’s and appreciate the complexity involved.

‘Illy Bomaye’ sees iLLBliss torn between being a lyricist and making it pay… again!


Morell on ‘Musa Jikan Musa’ is the bonafide break out star of 2017 that missed it

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