Re-introducing Rotimo! Meet the UK based Afrobeats & R&B star!

Meet Afrobeats & R&B star, Rotimo.


Over the years, Rotimo has developed his craft as a singer, songwriter, and performer in the UK. From penning his own music, to leading an underground UK funk band, and organising his own headline concerts, he has been carving out a niche for himself. His previous singles, ‘For The Ladies’, ‘Best Thing Ever’ and ‘Family’ got him into people’s consciousness as a rising star; earning him the number 1 spot on a couple of Nigerian and UK radio music charts.

Soundcity Digital had a chat with him on what’s next for him and the build up to his highly anticipated song (with video) titled “Sweeet”. Let’s re-introduce Rotimo, Read transcript below:

When and why did you get into music?
Well I’d say music got into me and I was definitely born with something raw. Everything I do leads me back home to music.

How would you describe your musical sound/style?
I’d simply describe it as diverse. There’s a lot in there… R&B, Afrobeats, a little bit of hip hop when I’m feeling brave. I love all good music

What inspired your new single ‘Sweeet’ and why spell it with 3 ‘ees’?
It started off with me writing about missing a certain special someone from my past and ended up with me combining it with a fictional story in my head. I spelt ‘Sweeet’ with 3 ees because I want the kind of sweeet love I’m referring to in this song to be thought of as different; one you would die for. I had to exaggerate it with another ‘e’.

Would you say image is important in music today and how has that influenced your unique sense of style?
I’m a fan of originality and this always influences my image.

What’s the inspiration behind your signature top hat?
I flew out to Venezuela for my first ever video shoot and met a very talented designer called Carlos Aguilar. He introduced me to the top hat and I fell in love with it.


What are your thoughts on the progress of African music globally?
It’s been growing steadily but the pace it’s picking up at the moment is crazy! It’s so infectious and was always just a matter of time.

If you could pick anyone, which artists would like to work with today?
Wow… there are way too many. Stevie Wonder, Ty Dolla Sign, Praiz, DuaLipa, Wizkid, Van Hunt, Simi and many more…

You write all your songs and the scripts/storyboard for your videos. How does the creative process work for that?
The song always comes to me in parts which I record on my phone first. It’s different every time but I always know once I’ve got it right. The videos are always easy. I listen to the song and ideas just start to flow. The first idea is usually the right one.

What’s your favourite song by another artist apart from yourself?
Van Hunt – ‘What Can I Say’

What’s next for Rotimo?
More music, more love, more Africa, more world!

Watch one of our favourite from Rotimo titled ‘Best Thing Ever’:

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