‘Evidence of unrelenting work’ – Listen to Sophiegrophy’s ‘Bold EP’

Good music is known to disperse beyond promotional effort and that was how Sophiegrophy’s previous single tracks got to be heard. With high streaming numbers across all platforms which attest to the quality of her sound, Sophie has embarked on a quest to prove her worth by sailing her new body of work past the Australian continent.

Bold EP is a clear evidence of consistency and the unrelenting work she has put in from the early stage of her self produced mixtape, ‘Popularity.’ This project also reveals how much she has intentionally grown in her craft. In her words, “BOLD EP is all about being bold & expanding myself as an artist through the explorations of different genres and sounds while being true to myself. Diversity is everything to me; I appreciate all types of sounds. I love to challenge myself because being static is not an option.”

Sophiegrophy is a Nigerian born-New Zealand raised songwriter, rapper and a fine personality. Australia’s Hip Hop culture owes a lot to Sophie’s input, the US and the United Kingdom are familiar with her sound, now Africa is about to have a crunchy taste of her.

Check on it:

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