E.L’s ode to a certain female is done in Huasa titled ‘Vim Yaazo,’ Listen!

Still as a prelude to the upcoming ”WAVs” album, the Afrobeat crooner and Ghanaian artiste E.L has released yet another single titled ‘Vim Yaazo’; a follow up to ‘Ayeyi’ which featured his protégé twins, Dope Nation.

The song is an ode to a certain female and it’s characterised by sexual innuendos. E.L therefore uses the platform to confidently allude that in the near future, he’d have the ability to get this female at his beck and call. It is no hidden fact the VO Nation signee is a ladies man. With a height and build like his, topped with his amazing musical prowess, one would be surprised he is telling us that like every other guy, he goes through the same stress to get a girl, but well… what do we know?

The word ‘Yaazo’ is an Hausa word which means ”Is here” or ”Has come”. So obviously, Lomi is telling the world he now has the vim and confidence to win that lady over, with a little too much detail about his sexual intentions. Whoever this lady is, she must really be a meal and we can’t wait to know the lady getting Lomi all mushy.

Check on it!

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