Deena Ade 4U

Through her sultry sonic sound and bolshy nature, Deena Ade is back with 4U.

Deena Ade is known for the R&B qualities of her music, daring lyrics and her vocal dexterity. 

This record is no different. In the heart of lockdown, Deena was introduced to the producer Horsh. A graduate of The Sarz Academy. Deena Ade decided to play with a hybrid pop sound, thus birthing this beautiful record about the loneliness she loathed & loved during her isolated lockdown. Post Headies nomination for Best Alternative song,

Deena Ade’s new song is an introduction to a new era is feminine allure, and artistic confidence. 

Deena Ade’s sultry singing emirates from British and Nigerian upbringing. Her style has pushed her classic brand into Japan. In May of 2020. Deena Ade’s top listeners were in Japan, followed by the US. Deena is an important facet to the Nigerian music industry as a whole. We need more women who exist loudly and outside of convention to challenge the status quo

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