‘Dangote’ video review: Burnaboy seem to be the new Fela in the making .

The video tells a story of the plight of poor people living in Nigeria depicted by BurnaBoy’s own story. The video opened with some group of tenants who lives in a poor neighborhood ( face me I face you ) A lady was seen cooking with a local stove and the food has no ingredients while her husband waits at the front of their room chewing a local toothbrush anticipating the food . He was seen with a big tray meaning he expects a big food , yet he gave this lady no money to prepare the food . This highlights most poor household . Down the corridor, another lady was asking for her money from someone she sold something to and the debtor couldn’t pay completely. She was angry . At the corner of the long corridor were some young men fighting for no reason . Depicting how being idle can lead to fights. This whole corridor was shown in darkness , meaning there was no Electricity as they were all sweating . Outside the Verlander, a man was seen polishing his shoes getting ready to start job hunting for the day , while some group of young men were in the other room engaging in internet fraud . They are proud because they are making money and to them , it’s their own hustle .Outside in the street, a slay queen couldn’t pay the guy who help her in delivering her goods to her house, thinking the young man will be interested in her , but the guy obviously is after his money . He doesn’t care . In the market square , Policemen who were suppose to arrest Yahoo boys are the ones guarding them because they were being paid from the loot . The video shows life in Lagos inside a public bus . A fake Pastor begging for money , a fake medicine seller hawking his goods , a poor sex starved man pressing the breast of an angry lady and receiving a slap for it . A pick-pocket doing his job stealing phones . Outside a woman who was fortunate not have ply with the big bus but took a small danfo was being duped by the conductor as the driver tries to settle them . She was not having it . Then a young little boy who is the story teller of the whole scenes was busy listening to Burna boy and getting inspired as he walked to African shrine where Burna boy was inspired as a youth by Fela . What a song and video . Burna seem to be the new Fela in the making .

Watch the video below:

This is a review of the Burnaboy’s ‘Dangote’ music video as written by Innocent Tino

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