Christ Brown talks drug dealing, government and racism on new song, ‘Sirens’

With Breezy’s ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ already gone double gold platinum. That wasn’t enough, Chris Brown unleashes yet another track called “Sirens,” which covers a wide range of topics, including bedroom boasts, drug dealing, and racism.

Over the haunting instrumental, the multifaceted singer-rapper kicks off his three-verse track with a rhyme about his sex game. “You know that I’m in love, if I fuck when your pussy bleed,” he raps. “Sending texts to your homegirl, ‘O-M-G.’”

Following a melodic hook in which he impersonates a siren’s sound, Breezy fires off a second verse about his upbringing with a warning about snitches. “Be careful with your wordplay,” he warns. “Ni**as be bitches, snitchin’ tellin’ them federal agents where the birds stay.”

Meanwhile Christ Brown’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon single “Privacy” has been certified platinum. He celebrated the news, writing, “PRIVACY IS PLATINUM!!! 17 PLATINUM RECORDS IN 2017! WIN BIG TEAM BREEZY.

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