Ben Affleck Just Can’t Party Like He Used To

Sources close to Ben Affleck say the star’s odd, disheveled look after a London premiere of “Suicide Squad” — including his unfortunate zipper malfunction — was because he got carried away “enjoying a night out.”

Ben Affleck at the "Suicide Squad" premiere.

Ben Affleck at the “Suicide Squad” premiere.

But they insist he’s “not gone off the rails.”

The “Batman v Superman” star looked like he needed more than a new belt (perhaps a round-the-clock stylist?) after he emerged from the star-studded film with his white dress shirt tucked into his belt, then spilling outside his suit pants.

But a pal explained this was as he emerged late from the party.

“He looked disheveled,” admitted the friend. “That picture is outside another small after-after-party. It was very late at night. He’s not off the rails. It looked a lot worse than it was.”

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