All we know about the Google Pixel 3 (+ shades the iPhone Xs)

Google just announced the third generation of its Pixel-branded smartphone, the Google Pixel 3. The phones have:
✅new glass backs
✅bigger displays, better cameras
✅a new mobile security chip
✅a starting cost of $799

Also, there are two versions of the new phone: the regular-size Pixel 3 and the larger Pixel 3 XL. Both phones have new glass backs. They have bigger displays, better cameras, and updated processors. And they’re shipping with a new mobile security chip—the same kind of chip that Google uses to protect the information flowing through its data centers.

But Google’s hardware products are never as much about hardware as they are about software. That’s the case with these new glass slabs. Not only do Google’s own smartphones run a highly optimized version of Android—and the most current, which is notable considering many Android phones don’t get the latest Android OS for months after each release—but the company often relies less on hardware innovation and more on sophisticated software features to close the gap between Pixel and other high-end handsets.

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