3rty & Kid Marley announce release date for ‘The Grey Area’ LP with new ‘Ogunfe’ single

Have you had some Ogunfe today?

Following the very successful release of their debut single “Sunday Morning”, which Native Mag called “Indie Pop Greatness”. 3rty and Kid Marley went to work rounding up their much anticipated LP tiled “The Grey Area”. Now the singer and rapper duo are proud to announce that the project is ready with a single “Ogunfe” to mark the start of a great year.

As usual the singer and rapper duo approach the song from two distinct perspectives. 3rty expresses his his positivity for a great year while touching on the controversial subject of ladies turning down prospective spouses and yet complaining that they can’t find any suitable suitors. Kid Marley approaches the song,

They are also glad to announce the release date for their project which is Feb 17th, 2018 which they hope to mark with a release event.

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