2baba’s crush, favourite song of all time and 10 other things we learnt from his Interview with Moet Abebe

2baba chopped it up with Moet Abebe on The TakeOver show days ago on Soundcity Radio 98.5. They had an interesting chat and we bring you 10 things we learnt from the interview.

1 and 2: 2baba dreams of a collaboration with Lauryn Hill and he has a crush on Sade Adu.

3. ‘African Queen’ is not his favourite personal song of his. ‘Only Me’ actually is. The conscious song off ‘The Unstoppable International Edition’ album in 2010. ‘Twas 2face’s 2nd official single off the album with the video directed by Clarence Peters. A conscious track that promotes humility, love and unity.

4. His most memorable experience with Plantashun Boiz was when they got signed and that was before Faze came on board. He and Blackface got signed and went on a nationwide tour. ‘First time we were paid reasonable money,’ he said.

5. 2baba’s favourite meal of all time is ‘pepper rice with vegetable on the side.’

6. He thinks Wizkid, Davido and Tekno can push the boundaries further than what his ‘generation’ has done. ‘I am really proud of these guys,’ he said.

7. On Dammy Krane and Hypertek exit, He said ‘Dammy Krane is cool but Hypertek is on what I say ‘mid-term break”.

8. On the backlash and their disappiontment, he says he understands why fans were angry he didn’t join the protest. ‘I don’t, I don’t feel guilty about not joining the protest,’ he said. ‘I try to apologize to some people but I was like hey! Why am I even apologizing’, he added.

9. ‘I am not cut out for that world (of Politics)’, 2baba says about getting into politics in future.

10. ‘Everything they face is because of somebody or something. They never take responsibility for anything’, 2baba says. ‘I don’t want to talk about Blackface, for real’.


2baba thinks the first ‘Unstoppable’ album was a flop. He says there was a huge distraction when people began talking about the baby mama issues instead of his music. It was the most challenging time of his career. ‘I was just deceiving myself,’ on why he didn’t stay with Annie Macaulay FROM THE GET-GO. ‘I come beg, they come gree,’ he added. He also reveals that Ehi is musical-inclined, she writes music and raps.

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