Watch DJ Khaled Go Undercover as a Lyft Driver

DJ Khaled has the keys to the Lyft. The hip-hop mogul takes some unsuspecting passengers in New York City for a ride in the latest episode of “Undercover Lyft.”

For his spot with the web series, Khaled becomes Billi the locksmith. He gets behind the wheel and dons a disguise including a locksmith’s uniform, sunglasses, and a nondescript black snapback cap to try to fool his customers.

Picking up Lyft users, Khaled chops it up about everything, including jet-skiing, lions, cocoa butter, beard oil, being a sex symbol, and of course, keys.

While many were instantly able to recognize the famed Snapchat King, others weren’t as perceptive. “He’s a bit much for me,” says one rider. “He’s real dramatic.”

Watch Khaled’s MAJOR surprise below.

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