Watch Dabu The Gemini spazz in this ‘Street Inferno Sessions’!

Tega Edaferhoro a.k.a Dabu The Gemini is a talented Recording/Performing/Battle MC who started his career in 2009, born May 27 1993 as the fourth in a family of 5, and was raised in Lagos city, Nigeria. He has been on the Hennessy VS class 3times, 2time finalist, Rap Kulture with Raezy on 937rhythm FM and also dropped dope singles like “Say Hello” produced by Eclipse, “Stephen Curry” and “NoNo”. He has also battle rapped on multiple platforms like Don’t Drop The Mic, Wrap League and BRL (Bars Rap League)

Dabu steps up in this episode of a new digital series by Oscar Media and The Ordinary Guys led by Peter Clarke. Street Inferno Session is described as ‘ a platform for rappers to connect with the audience in live performances that center on lyricism and content. ‘


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