Top American University to use Ghanaian rapper’s song in African Studies course

Howard University, located in Washington DC in the United States is set to begin an African Studies program which will feature hiphop African songs, including a song from Ghanaian rapper Abena Rockstar. gathered the programme dubbed ‘ Hip Hop African Podcast’, is produced by students of the African Studies Department at Howard University, led by Dr. Msia Kibona Clark.

The podcast centers on discussions on hip hop music and culture from artists across the African continent. In a report by, so far, a number of select artists’ with what Dr. Clark describes as ‘strong lyricism’ have been featured; this includes artists from Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. Abena Rockstar’s ‘Abena Abena’ song features on the podcast, because according to Dr. Clark, it is among the best selected songs from Africa due to its strong lyrical content. Abena Rockstar, real name Bernice Bediako Poku, is a rapper, songwriter and composer based in Tema.

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