The Rock and Vin Diesel weighed in on their feud at the Fast and Furious 8 premiere

Beef between The Rock and Vin Diesel seemed to rock the production of Fate of the Furious last summer and even as recently as two weeks ago there were reports that the pair needed to be kept apart during the press tour.

However at the world premiere of the film on Sunday night both men seemed to pour water on any notions of a rift still existing between them. It seems any bad blood is now very much water under the bridge.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Diesel insisted there’s plenty of love between the pair.

“In my house, he’s ‘Uncle Dwayne,’ and I’m proud of that,” the 49 year old said. “We still love each other, that’s my boy,”

“When I was making that difficult decision, should there be an 8 or not, I called [Johnson] and he said, ‘Brother, I will be there shoulder to shoulder with you to make sure it’s the best movie in history.’ And he delivered.”

ET’s reporter Kevin Fraizer then questioned The Rock on last summer’s disagreement between the pair. The Baywatch star said focusing on making a great movie for the fans helped him keep things in perspective. “Then I think all of the other stuff kind of just has a way of working itself out,” he said.

When pressed on why he never minced his words at the time of the feud, The Rock said:

“Just like, in life, you have different philosophies and people have different fundamental philosophies on how you do things,” he added. “And again, the most important thing is just the movie. So I’m happy that we’re here in New York City, I’m happy the fans love it.”

Via ET

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