The Artist Spotlight is on April Maey

April Somi Dokpesi, popularly known as April Maey is an Alternative Nigerian musician from Belgium. She was born in Lagos Nigeria and currently lives in Gent Belgium with a master’s in New Media and Society at the VUB in Brussels, Belgium.

The singer/songwriter released her sophomore EP “Ticket To Anywhere” back in March of 2020.

inspired by Tracy Chapman’s song “Fast Car”.

In that body of work, April Maey wasn’t afraid to explore multiple genres and creative fields/processes and challenge the usual ways whimsical alternative music was made. April is one artist who experiments with different sounds and often blurs the lines between the genres.

The project is personal to the artiste and  represents her strong tenacity in chasing her dreams, and her goal to express herself in every creative way she can.

April Maey has garnered much applause during her career  from working and collaborating with much larger names in the industry like MI Abaga, Loose Kaynon, Boogey, Ycee, Koker, Reinhard Tega, Yung L, Poe, Oxlade amongst others.

A multi-faceted talent, April has gathered diverse experience in media, design, marketing and art. In 2012 and 2014 respectively, she released her art collections named “Familiar Faces” and “The Esoteric collection”

Late last year she released the video of the track Starry Night, off her earlier released EP. The animated video of the song is nostalgic as it is soaked in whimsical fantasy story paths. The soft din of the song and the whimsical animation art style creates a beautiful synergy that gives the music another visual layer for listeners to enjoy.

April does not let up however, as in December she released a modern day christmas song called Christmas Morning on an acoustic release of the Tickets To Anywhere Ep. The beautiful song captured the heart of the Christmas season and celebrated sharing precious beautiful moments with family and those we love. 

Fast forward to this month and April Maey is once again having fun with her music style, mixing whimsy and alternative pop music. Her new track Sweatshirt, is all about being quirky or different or standing out and being perfectly okay with it. April does not force herself to fit into any preconceived molds or perceptions about herself and she channels this message to her fans through her music.

April Maey is definitely an artiste to look out for in the coming years, she has a unique voice and a great lyrical mind.

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