Spotlight: Shaykeh Tells Her Secrets On Her New Project

Shaykeh, is a Canadian- Nigerian artiste set on churning emotions with beautiful, soft vocals and relatable yet sensual lyrics. The singer and songwriter was born in Canada and raised in  Surulere, Lagos.  

On her debut LP, The Subtle Art Of Seduction, Shaykeh is ready to shake up the music scene with her collaborations, ideas and talent. On this project, she collaborates with amazing Nigerian artistes like Show Dem Camp and Bowale to showcase her musical growth to listeners. She brings a refreshing mix of  afro-fusion tunes with several cross-genre influences on each song.

Let’s look at some of the songs on  the track list:


A Surulere girl to the core, Shaykeh is not afraid to hit her notes and sprinkle in her indegenous la guage on this song that will set listeners on the dancefloor before they know it.


The first thing that will capture listeners’ ears on this track is the sensually soft vocals. Though this song is soft and gentle it is deceptively so as Shaykeh shows her political side. With this track, she calls out the Nigerian government and her sound is a call for her fellow youth to fight for the change they desperately need.

Highër Place

Shaykeh slips in a surprise gospel track here. This track is a beautiful love song, and here, Shaykeh expresses her love for the divine and her awe at the vastness of peace that comes with aligning with your faith.

Mr Römantic ft Bowale

Shaykey blends and blurs yoruba, english and spanish music together on this flurry of sultry lyrics and sexy delivery. Her vocals are accompanied by funky spanish guitar riffs that adds that latino essence to the track.


This already released track is completely revamped by Shaykeh for this LP. She calls it a special anniversary edition. This song is a perfect dance song, listeners will thoroughly enjoy letting the beautiful vocals and violins wash over them as they dance.

Next To Më ft Shank

Shaykeh starts this reggae dancehall influenced track with her own definition of seduction. Shank and Shaykeh make a dynamic reggae duo on this track belting out the incredibly catchy lyrics: you have to listen to it here;

Barbädos ft Show Dem Camp

Show Dem Camp shines brightly on this track. The amazing verses delivered over Shaykeh’s background ad libs are a delight. The catchy hook combined with the hard, excellently written verses of Show Dem Camp spice makes for a enjoyable listen.

Fire Däncer

This is another one of the dance anthems on  this project. This carefully crafted track is perfect for listeners looking to show off their best dance moves. 

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