Taking A Rapt Of The Music Scene A Step At A Time, Gueke Puts His Best Foot Forward 

Gueke’s determination to venture into music has been a thoughtful process since 2019.

The creative business of making music is not the warmest pond to step into without solid preparation. It is not shocking to find out in what looks like an inviting pond of the music industry are unintended sharks and fast-moving creatures. You can’t possibly be gunning for anything short of competitive, painstaking and tasking in this hustle.

To be said of Gueke, full name Obodoruku Oghenegueke – a Delta state born and raised in a large family of varying talents is a rising star who has fostered his career path right from childhood. A history of undertaking the role of an instrumentalist in his home-based church as early as the age of 8 set him in line for committed practices and examination before blooming into music production and engineering.


None of Gueke’s stone was left unturned before releasing his debut single ‘Komaroll’ in November 2019. Another distinctive trait Gueke would be said to possess is moving at a pace that allows for his growth. From his first ever track to his most recent one titled ‘Attitude’ were products of experimenting and defining his sound.

He has followed up his best foot with a firm stride in the Afrobeats position as a singer who diligently understands the rudiments of this genre. This is paired with the sound knowledge of the nature of industry he is operating in. Gueke feels no need to gush out his contents to prove a point but to put out quality music that will stand the test of time. 

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His new single, ‘Attitude’ released in February 2022 is a well-cooked sound that will satisfy the appetite of Afrobeats audiences in different parts of the world. It has been unarguably welcomed in the period of weeks of its release and believed to perform even better in the course of time.

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