T.I. believes the CIA assasinated Bob Marley

Since Bob Marley’s untimely death in 1981, many fans have been in denial about its cause. Though his passing was officially declared as stemming from cancer, people still believed the reports were falsified and that the icon’s life must have been taken in a more sinister, calculated way.

This theory was revived when a report stated that a former CIA agent had confessed to Marley’s murder. Today, T.I. shares this news with his fans through a screenshot of a headline, typo-included:

“Bob Marley was murdered by CIA, admits ex-officer from deathbed. Bill Oxley, speaking from his deathbed, claimed that he murdered Marley along with 17 other assassinations for the for the American Government.”

Although the rapper often includes lengthy captions in his posts, he kept it simple this time: “I’m just gon leave this here…”

I’m just gon leave this here….

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The upload opened the floor for discussion amongst his social media following. Many commenters simply paid their respects to the reggae legend while others engaged in a healthy debate. Other conspiracy theories were brought forth, including the deaths of Eazy E and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Some fans were skeptical of the situation as a whole, saying that they would still like to see medical records to confirm Bob Marley’s cause of death while they don’t necessarily buy into the CIA conspiracy theory.

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