Stream: Yinka Oshodi’s debut EP – Spectrum

Yinka Oshodi’s debut EP “titled” Spectrum explores the variety of emotions felt when dealing with love or passion in general. With a feature from the phenomenal rapper who goes by the name Alpha, they team up for the opening track “Young Love” which explores the exhilarating emotions we feel when we meet someone we love at the prime of our youth. From the RnB track “At All” we see how she’s devastated by unrequited love from a lover who has quickly moved on, after what can only be presumed as a tumultuous relationship. While in the interlude titled “Waves” we see how she longs to follow her passion and love for music without any assurance of success, yet the risk will be worth it. “Continue” is a flirtatious track which shows how happy she feels in the presence of a lover or a crush. Although she cannot explain why she feels so deeply for them, she never wants them to make her stop feeling this way. “Options” featuring the talented Remy Baggins, who also produced the track, let’s her lover know she won’t stand for his taking her for granted as she has a long line of guys that would happily make her priority. The EP ends with a sensual track titled “RSVP”. This track explores a situation where it appears she’s caught up with an ex-lover or friend “with benefits” she knows is no good for her and has hurt her in the past. Yet loneliness and the desires of her body overcome the will to resist temptation.

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