Stream M.anifest’s ‘The Gamble’ album

Popular Ghanaian Hip-Hop/Afrobeat singer and rapper, M.anifest releases his highly anticipated and talked about EP titled “The Gamble”.

The groovy 7-track body of work which opens with the title track, “The Gamble” is a reflection of the chances we take on love and life. On “The Gamble”, M.anifest opens up and muses on numerous encounters with love and risks an alluring sonic bed of Hip-Hop and Afrobeats blended seamlessly together.

The project features an array of musical heavyweights such as Grammy-nominated artist, Burna Boy, Bayku, Kojey Radical, Worlasi, Moelogo, Simi, and B4bonah, who brought on the best of their vocal skills that contributed to the uniqueness and faultless precision the EP embodies.

The EP sees M.anifest engage a squad of fiery producers including MikeMillzOnEm, Drvmroll, Rvdical the Kid, Mike Kwa6i and Adiktive.

The emotions on “The Gamble”, the urgent expression of love on “Tomorrow” and the reconciliation theme of “Big Mad” amongst others gives credence to the distinctive nature of this body of work.

Speaking on the project, M.anifest revealed:
“This project is quite clear and direct and it is also a departure from what people know me for. I explored “The Gamble” in-depth and from different angles in a very cohesive, well put together way with a couple of my super talented friends who were kind enough to let their talents to “The Gamble”. It was an easy project to make to be honest because the idea was very clear to me and it was easy to get the songs delivered. The whole idea of “The Gamble” is that it had to be a perfect mix of Hip-Hop and the Ghanaian sound sonically. So while you are feeling the vibe, you are also getting the message”.

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