Stream Funbi’s full length EP titled “Serenade”

Funbi releases his debut project, a full length EP aptly titled

Singing about the women in his life, Funbi weaves in and out of love and
meaningful experiences with each song–from sensual, to genuine,
adventurous to deeply touching.

“It’s almost like the story of my life, with each memory defined by the
women who have made an impact,” Funbi said. “They’re intelligent,
they’re beautiful, they’re complex. The project is about how they have
affected my life in real and lasting ways. I think many people,
especially guys, can resonate with that.”

The EP opens with “Show Up”, a laid back groove produced by Spax, which
flirts with melodies and offers plenty of romance. Then comes “Show Your
Color”, expanding on that with an upbeat, danceable call to women to
embrace the vibrancy and truth of who they really are.

The title track “Serenade”, produced by Ikon, strips it down to the
sexiness fans have come to expect from Funbi. But the EP quickly moves
on, proving to be unpredictable, and jazzing it up for the core Afrobeat
track on the project–the playful, horn-embellished “Voodoo”.

“‘Voodoo’ is about someone who is sensual, provocative, sexy and
alluring,” Funbi added. “I’m under a spell; she is captivating in every
way and she knows it.”

He enlists powerhouse singers Seyi Shay and Efya respectively for
rousing duets on “Body” and “Ride With You”, marking the only features
on the project.

With Seyi Shay, the song is about a deep physical connection.

“She has that seductive nature,” Funbi said. “She’s unapologetic about
it and that fit the song perfectly.”

While Efya is the embodiment of an African woman uninhibited by borders.

“There’s something about that Twi that felt so right,” Funbi said, about
Efya bringing the Ghanaian dialect to the song.

“I’ve always been a fan of hers–I think she’s amazing and has such a
powerful voice.”

From funk to Afrobeat, folk and alternative–the smooth singer’s dynamic
range is prominently on display throughout the sultry seven track
offering. “Serenade” highlights his romance with soul, and most
notably–indicates a return to tasteful, sensual R&B.

Funbi is, at his best, a versatile singer and storyteller whose essence
captures the new Nigerian sound: drawing from the past, highlighting the
present, and pushing the boundaries for the future of unconfined African

Listen and buy Serenade below:

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