Soundcity Staff Picks: Top 10 Most Amazing-est Songs of the Week

Some much music going around, let’s help you sieve through the pile. Carefully Curated and Handpicked with love from SOUNDCITY.

We really love music, and these are the songs we really, really love. All of these songs have been hand picked by the real humans who work at Soundcity.

We hope you enjoy them!

Volume 1 of our Staff Picks is sure not to disappoint with the right songs to get you through your weekend!

Listening to new music is literally our job. But we’re also real, actual human beings who keep certain songs on repeat. That’s why we started this Staff Picks playlist series, so y’all can see what we’re listening to when we’re not “working,”

So without further ado, here is what’s been in Olamide Adedeji (Group Channel Manager / @OlamideAdedeji) headphones all week:

1. Hype – Dizzee Rascal ft Calvin Harris
– “Dizzee teamed up with Harris to deliver a mad, electrifying jam laced with gritty UK rap flow. If you need inspiration, this is for you!.”

Listen – ‘Hype’ Dizzee Rascal x Calvin Harris

2. Your Number (Remix) – Ayo Jay ft Chris Brown & Kid Ink
– “The original sounds nice, this remix is even nicer and neater with Chris Brown on it! Smooth flow, easy to listen to. Nice sounding arrangement. Top notch!”

3. Choices (YUP) – E40
– “Old jam but a new favourite. E lists everything that could naturally bother a man or woman with a yay or nay approach. E sounds good and can still take your favourite rapper with his smooth rap delivery.”

Next Up is what’s banging on Soundcity Radio 98.5 OAP Shola Thompson ( @SholaThompson) and program director.

1. My Song of the week is – Kiiara – Gold
– “It appeals to me with its mellow easy going flow….goes well with a chilled bottle of wine right after work…

Artist: Kiiara
Album: Low Kii Savage
Released: 2016
from the low kii savage EP

Our Head of Digital/New Media CMA Group Dro Ameh ( @dirtyhiphophead) has two amazing songs this week.

Milli – Made For This.
– “That get-up-and-go-get-it music. It all boils down to the lyrics for me. Favourite and stand out track off the ‘Don’t Ask Me What Happened’ EP by Milli. Milli made this song as a soundtrack to my life. haha.”

Ric Hassani – Gentleman.
– “Still don’t know why this track brings Brymo to mind. I am a big fan of Brymo, by the way.
This just confirms that Simplicity is the new cool – Just a string, single percussion and harmonizing vocals – that’s music.”

TV Producer / SoundcityTV Affiliate Uche Odoh @KingUcheOdoh wants you to feel this with her!

1. Shaydee – Pon Da Floor (Produced by Maleek Berry)

– “Shaydee keeps winning my heart one track after another. He doesn’t disappoint with his vocals on PON DA FLOOR and Maleek Berry killed the beat also with his famous kicks and the infusion of the flute. Even though this is a party track you can still tell Shaydee’s vocal prowess from his ad-libs. I recommend this track for anyone that wants to listen to a laid back party track.”

Guess what our very own VJ/OAP, TV goddess Moet Abebe (@MoetAbebe) listened to all thru’ the weekend!

– “My song this week is Jonas Blue – perfect strangers. I love it so much because it reminds me of a personal experience and it’s a very melodious song”

Here is Valentine‘s (Music Exec. Soundcity Radio 98.5) pick of the week!

– “My favorite song right now has to be Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini off the Suicide Squad OST. This song sounds like the future of hip hop to me, yes Trap has come to be a sub-genre in hip hop but never been this electronic like you hear on the hook and Rick Ross sounded more than ready bringing back that ‘Mc Hammer’ flow.”

Soundcity 98.5 OAP Flo (@FollyFlo1) sure knows what’s up with this pick!

– “My name is Flo and my favourite song of the week is ‘Pass Me The Aux’ by Yung L, cause it gets me in that turn up mood.”

This is mine! Yea, Ik Tripz (New Media Executive – Soundcity / @IKtripz).

– “All my friends are heathens, take it slow… I see a lot of people saying Heathens by twenty one pilots is a message to old fans but I think it’s the opposite. Lyrically, every line of the song makes sense. Lead single for the motion picture soundtrack for the film Suicide Squad (2016). Written by Tyler Joseph and produced by him along with Mike Elizondo. Just Listen.

A-Q single “G Boys (Feeling Like)
“Off the album “ROSE'” which just dropped, rapper ” keeps repeating on my playlist, you should expect nothing less. Enjoy your weekend with this.”