“So many rappers and artiste’s downfall is fear” – Cassper Nyovest on reasons why artistes fail

Cassper Nyovest via his social media account has come out to speak about the things that he thinks artists should do to be successful and what he thinks the reasons why artists fail.

The rapper said that artists shouldn’t be afraid of loosing anything they gained along the way while making art like fans, money, popularity and friends. He said that if you follow these things “then you’re not living your full truth”.

In the tweet he went on to talk about artists changing for the game as opposed to them doing writing their own stories.

Cassper then tweeted that fear is the thing that makes a lot of artists fail, fear of trying new things and then doing it when it’s too late saying that it will be too late and weird when they finally decide to try it.

“Sooo many rappers and artist’s downfall is fear. Some of them try new things when it’s far too late then it looks weird cause we already put you in a box. Rather set the tone by tryin things from the beginning of your career. #JustAlilAdvice,” tweeted Cassper.

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