Nahna Shares Visual To Her New Single, ‘Teri Mos’

After the release of her latest hit single ‘Baby Gochna’ a few months ago now the mellowed voice song bird, Nahna is back with a new Ulopa produced track titled Teri Mos.

Teri Mos is a Luo word meaning go slow or take it easy as in this scenario where she is trying very hard not to fall in love with a notorious village boy known for his tactful ways of wooing and charming beautiful women in their village.

Visuals for the song are well crafted with a very simple village and homestead set up that enables the storyline to flow with ease as creativity is placed at its peak by the award winning director, Crizo Mzeyah who is steadily and rapidly rising as a professional to watch out and work with following his recent projects witnessing huge success.

The song revolves around love in the old times when women were glued to doing house chores and could only get to meet with their lovers when out fetching water, firewood or even on their way to the market. The afro fused urban groove, catchy chorus and simply-crafted arrangement of Teri Mos makes it sound authentic and loyal to the African music culture as have been missed for a long time.

“A huge percentage of women fall in love with the wrong person because they fail to take time and know what they really are getting themselves into and that is among the main reasons for failed relationships among not only young people but also those who have had families,” explains Nahna

Her thoughts drive to suggestions that before you are ready to settle down you need to know at least where your partner comes from unlike her peers who fall in love with partners whom they merely recognize their good and bad habits.


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