Singer Madonna Honours Kennedy Odede With Mural In Kibera

Grammy Award Winner Madonna, while on her trip in Kenya, created a beautiful mural from broken glass of a dove and ‘tree of life’ in Kibera in honor of Kennedy Odede.

Odede, who is the Shofco founder, has been making tremendous changes in slums through his Shining Hope for Communities foundation.

Kennedy and Madonna in Kenya
Kennedy Odede With Madonna in Kibera

Madonna and her children created the mural from pieces of broken glass to celebrate Odede.

Odede founded SHOFCO when he was just a child living in the Kibera slums in order to improve the lives of families living in difficult conditions.

“My children created a mural of broken glass in Kibera in honor of the great work that Kennedy Odede is doing @shofco. An organization he created When he was a child living in the slums of Nairobi to improve the lives of families living in these challenging conditions,” said Madonna.

Madona and kids in Kenya
Madonna and her kids

“Focusing on filtering the water, Education, Enabling loans for women and men to start up businesses and putting a stop to gender-based violence By empowering women, taking legal action and giving them a safe space to Rebuild their lives.”

SHOFCO operates in both Nairobi and New York and focuses on providing education, filtered water, and loans to help women and men start businesses.

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